Kitchen cabinet makeover or replace with new Custom cabinets?

I get asked this question a lot and the answer like many things in life depends on several variables. So let dive a little deeper into this question about things to consider to help you understand what's best for your home, when it comes to a kitchen facelift.

Obviously the first thing that should come to mind is budget, keep in mind if you are replacing the kitchen cabinets as opposed to a custom cabinet makeover, it will also mean new counter tops, backsplash, painting the entire room, possibly new elctrical work, and depending on how old your appliances are now might be a good time to replace them as well. If you are changing the layout, it will also mean looking into redoing the flooring as well, most likely. If you have hardwood floors and there is not a good place to end, you may have to have quite a large area sanded and refinished for the best look. I always tell people if you are planning on a remodel make sure you have 10 or 20% more than the cost of the job available, as someone who worked in remodeling of historic homes for many years, I know how many times things that could not be seen until the sheetrock is all down, add to the overall cost and no one could have known there was something wrong until it was uncovered. If nothing happens you have some extra money to toss into the budget for finishing items, or to by a new dining room set to accent your new kitchen. All of that being said a new kitchen with good quality custom cabinets will definitely add to the resale value of your home, according to Yahoo Finance you can recoup up to 75% on your investment (  A kitchen remodel can beautify your home — and return up to 75% on your investment. Here's what one will cost you in 2022 ( We custom build our cabinets to fit the space and your needs. We use 3/4 maple wood core veneer domestic plywood, with solid maple frame and door frames on our cabinet's. We use wood core 3/4" plywood because all too often we have seen particle board cabinets soaking up water and falling apart at the ends of cabinets and refrigerator boxes, and particle board shelves sagging after just a few years of use. We also make our cabinets fit the space, instead of screwing several smaller cabinets together with filler strips to fill a space we will build a single cabinet that fills the space.  If you are planning to live in your house for a little while that may be a good fit for you.

Another thing to consider is the kitchen layout, does it work for you? Also are the cabinets in relatively good shape? If the answers to both are yes, you may want to consider a kitchen upfit, or face-lift as we call them.

What this consist of is us coming in and replacing the door and drawer fronts, with whatever new style you want, we can also add new trim such as a new crown molding if your old one is looking dated or a new light rail along the bottom of the cabinets. We can also do minor repair work, if a few drawers are falling apart, we can install new drawers, if there is minor damage to the inside of the cabinets or on the end panels, we may be able to repair it. After we get our part done our partners at DeHaan painting ( Charlotte House Painter | Kitchen Cabinet Painting | Interior/Exterior House Painting (  will come in and professionally finish everything using a top-quality water-based cabinet lacquer. They will remove all the door and drawer fronts and take them to their shop to be sprayed, the cabinets boxes they will paint in place after very carefully taping everything off and building a containment area in the kitchen to protect you home. They have done this for several years and have a long list of very happy customers. Just as we bring a cabinet makers eye and skill to the woodworking part of it, they are the best at what they do and will work closely with you to help pick colors and understand the process and scheduling. The best part of the "face-lift" is you get the look and feel of a brand-new kitchen at a fraction of the price, you can even replace the countertop if you wish, or not if it is not in the budget.

I hope this has helped to answer some question and I would be happy to come out and discuss the job with you no matter which way you want to go with it.