Kitchen Facelifts
Charlotte, NC

Kitchen facelifts is what we call our new service. Now we can take your older, dated kitchen and give it a cabinet makeover, from something as simple as adding on some trim, and new doors, to building new cabinets that will make better use of a space. You can get the look of a brand-kitchen at a better price!

Marble and White Color Kitchen Facelift

Albritton Custom Carpentry LLC has partnered with DeHaan Painting to offer an exciting new service to our customers! We are proud to announce we are now offering "kitchen facelifts". We use your original kitchen cabinets, while adding new solid hardwood frame doors and drawer fronts for a fraction of the cost of new cabinets. We can also install new trim, make minor repairs to existing cabinets or even modify your current cabinets to better suit your needs and make better use of your space.  After we complete the carpentry work, the experts at DeHaan professionally refinish your cabinets using KCMA certified cabinet coating. DeHaan Painting refinishes 50+ kitchens per year and are true specialists. They will carefully remove the components and refinish the frames on site while removable components are taken offsite to refinish them in a spray booth. They always use the upmost care to protect your home and furnishings, and with our combined efforts you will have the look and feel of a brand-new kitchen at better price point!