Home Office Custom built in ideas

Over the last few years, many people have started working from home and found out how necessary it is to have an area of your home that is strictly an office space, sometimes it is a full room, other times it is just finding a small nook or corner such as in the photo where you can have a designated workspace to operate from.

As with most things, the needs of a home office can vary greatly from person to person, some need a quiet space separate from the rest of the house to hold conference calls and do Zoom meetings, and others can get by with a corner of a room, or even a space in the kitchen to set up shop.

The first thing you need to do is look around your home for the spot that will best suit your needs, think of what type of filing you will be doing or is it all strictly on the computer? Do you need several monitors to keep up with things, or will a laptop suffice. As stated above will you be engaging in daily or weekly Zoom meetings? Are they going to mainly take place during the earlier part of the day before the kids get home from school, or do you need some doors up to maintain a quieter workspace? Do you have pets that may want to make a sudden appearance on your Zoom call, that you need to keep in a different area of the house? Is the morning sun coming in on an upper window going to blind you if you sit in a particular corner of a room?  Do you want a window you can look out of to see what is going on in the yard with the kids?

One of the first things to do is try to locate a spot, then visit it throughout an average day, during the times you will be working in there. Look at ways to improve the space, if need be. Is there a big, cased opening? That may be a perfect place for a set of French doors to help muffle the noise from the house. Is there a big picture window that will let you gaze out to think about a problem, or just let you destress a bit by watching a squirrel climb around a tree? In the case of the photo above, it was a dead-end hallway in a little used area of the home close to a guest bedroom that proved to be ideal, and we were able to creatively fit quite a bit of cabinetry into it to make it a very functional space, with plenty of natural light from the windows above the desk. My advice is start by grabbing a pen and pad of paper and list what your needs are, and what your wants are. Think about what storage space you need and how much of it. Will a few filing cabinets be enough, or do you need oversize filing drawers for legal documents. Do you need a large flat area to layout blueprints or draw designs. Then go on the internet, or something like Pinterest and get some ideas going. Once you get a feel for what your needs are and what area of the house will work best, pick up the phone and give us a call. I will be happy to come out and start designing you an office to fit all of your needs, and maybe even a few surprises. Remember the best part of working from home is the commute! I look forward to hearing from you.