Custom Cabinets for every room!

When people think of custom cabinets some of the first place's they think about are the kitchen and bathrooms. While of course kitchen cabinets and bathroom vanities are a big part of our business, just about every room in your house can benefit both in looks and functionality with the right built-in custom cabinets.

We will tackle kitchens first; besides the obvious kitchen cabinets, do you have a breakfast nook area that would benefit by having built-in banquette seating? Not only is it a great way to accent the area, but it also provides some storage for things like holiday tablecloths, towels, and other stuff you may need to only access once a year or so. Drawers built in under the banquette seating gives you a place to put little used items to free up space in your other cabinets for things you need access to more often. Maybe a not so useful section of a wall? That could be a great spot for a bookcase to store your cookbooks, so they are always close at hand. If it is built lower this can double as a serving area during those huge family get togethers at the holidays. Several kitchens have a small access area to the garage right off of them, this is a great place for a "drop zone", a place where everyone can hang their jackets, drop off their book bags or laptops, also with a bench it becomes a great place to leave your shoes as you enter the house, we have even built them with outlets to plug in phones or laptops so they will be charged up for the next day.

Next take a look at your dining room, would some built-in lighted hutches give you a nice accent in the corners? How about a built-in credenza for some storage and once again can act as another serving station during the holiday season or for any party. Maybe a small low cabinet to incorporate a wine storage unit? If you have a large window, maybe a window seat with storage on either side, again low enough to be used as additional serving area's while entertaining.

Dens and living rooms offer a great opportunity to show off the room and help reduce clutter by having a built-in unit. Wall to wall, floor to ceiling units can give a dramatic look while housing your television, sound system, gaming consoles and all the parts that go with them. The attached shelving can show off family photos, showcase your home decor, give ample storage for reading material, pair up with integrated lighting it can be a showstopper for the room!  Or if you have a fireplace in the center, half-wall cabinets can give it a great cottage look, while still giving you plenty of storage, the options are plentiful, it all depends on the type of storage you need and the style you are looking for.

Bathrooms are up next, when looking at your vanities, are they making the best use of the space? In larger baths you may have room for a tower on top of the vanity to increase your storage while, giving the vanity that custom look, we have incorporated the tower into light valances overhead, and frames for the mirror so it all has a clean modern, cohesive look.

Moving into the bedrooms, these are great places for built-in units. Multi-function units, incorporating study areas, gaming areas, bookshelves, televisions, even clothes and shoe storage are all great possibilities. Are the closet's being utilized at their best? This is another great place for custom cabinet work, you can incorporate, drawers, double hanging places, shoe racks, shelfs for folded clothes, maybe you want something for younger kids that can transition as they get older and their needs change, all things to consider. In the master bedroom, a nice wall unit can include, television area, bookcase shelving, storage for clothes, open shelving for photos or showing off some nice decorative items. A wall-to-wall unit with a lower place for the television in the center and high chest of drawers on either side may suit you better. If you have a small sitting area off of the Master bedroom, it is a great place for a small library, a perfect spot for longing with a good book on a cold winter day, or a hot summer afternoon. The master bedroom closets are typically bigger and can offer a lot of storage space when used wisely, the advantage with a custom unit is we are not trying to fit our boxes to your life, we are building each unit to fit your needs and space so you can make the most of what you have available.

Many people right now are working from home, you can use a spare room or formal living area to make a great home office with a built-in desk and floor to ceiling bookshelves, a study space for the kids or a nice reading area, but one the fits the look and style of your home and with the proper built-ins it can add to the value when you get ready to sell your home.

You can even use built-ins as in the photo above to disguise certain elements of the house you may not like. The cabinets in the photo above were designed for a customer that hated the fact her fireplace was off center in the room. We built the cabinets on either side of the fireplace the same width then added in a smaller nook, painted the same dark color as her fireplace hearth. It gave the illusion of everything being the same but the dark bookcase kind of disappeared in the room, at first glance you do not notice how far off center the fireplace actually is.

The final thing to take away is no matter what your needs are we can design and build you something that will 1) meet your needs 2) make the best use of the space 3) add a luxurious and dramatic look and 4) increase the market value of your home. Give us a call and set up an appointment to see how we can help!