The Cabinet Maker of charlotte NC

Quick Facts about Me

  1. Over Two Decades of Experience: Bringing a wealth of knowledge and expertise in custom carpentry to every project.
  2. Lead Carpenter for 2 Seasons of "For Your Home" with Vicki Payne on PBS: A testament to my dedication and skill in crafting beautiful, functional spaces.
  3. Past Experience as the Superintendent of a Renovation Firm: Overseeing projects from inception to completion, ensuring quality and client satisfaction.
  4. 19 Years of Domestic Dog and Cat Rescue: Demonstrating a long-standing commitment to animal welfare and community service.
  5. Currently volunteering with Big Cat/Exotic Animal Rescue: expanding my passion for animals by working with some of the most majestic creatures.

My Journey in Custom Carpentry and Cabinetry

A Passion Ignited

My adventure in custom carpentry and cabinetry began just after high school, setting foot on construction sites across Charlotte, NC. There, between the emerging frames of single and multi-family houses, my love for construction began to blossom. Every level of my journey from worker to carpenter added nuance to my skill and increased my appreciation for it. 

From Construction Sites to Custom Cabinetry 

I changed my focus to custom cabinets after working with a well-known local renovation firm. This stage of my work was crucial because it taught me the dexterity needed to create custom storage cabinets and pantry cabinets. Working in the upscale communities of Meyers Park, Eastover, and Dilworth helped me hone the skill of combining aesthetic appeal with functionality, a hallmark of quality cabinet making. 

Embracing the Role of a Cabinet Maker 

My decision to start my own cabinet-designing business was driven by the renovation firm I was a part of closing down. I committed myself to giving them outstanding custom cabinets and built-ins, concentrating on custom carpentry. Making this choice was about more than simply mastering my craft—it was about keeping my word to produce work that clients would appreciate and trust.  

A Dedication That Goes Beyond Carpentry 

Whether it is domestic animal rescue or volunteering at a big cat/exotic animal rescue, these experiences have shaped my understanding of care, dedication, and trust—values that I bring to every cabinet making project. My passion goes beyond cabinet making. I have been involved in animal rescue for nearly three decades, reflecting my commitment to giving back to the community and supporting conservation efforts.